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Counseling in Valparaiso

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” - Lao Tzu

Life is a journey like any other, full of twists and turns, hills and valleys. Counseling is an effective way to help you live your best life, no matter the road you have traveled to get here, or what the future landscape holds.

Many people who come to me feel trapped by their life circumstances, so my goal is to help you understand your current situation and assist you in identifying all of your options as you navigate the complexities of life. By telling your story and discussing your options, you can learn about yourself and your relationships, and reach your life's full potential.

Counseling Services Offered in Valparaiso

Using my Master's level training and 15 years experience, I can help couples who feel they have lost the love in their relationship and find themselves constantly fighting.

I also work with women who find they need help facing the challenges of parenthood, relationships, careers, and life transitions.

Finally, I have specialized training in the field of grief and loss including working with clients and their families facing terminal illness and the unique challenges of that critical time.

Experience Hope & Healing

  • Client-Centered - You are the expert in the story of your life, and my role is to journey alongside you. Together we will identify the roadblocks of the past and prepare for those on the road ahead. As we work side-by-side, you will feel empowered to take control of your future and find true enjoyment in your life.
  • Strengths-Based - You will be able to identify your strengths and learn how to utilize them to your advantage. I believe that you are capable of living your best life and are able to have a future full of promise.
  • Solution-Focused - You will feel empowered to identify your options and decide your best choice for each moment in your life. Counseling is an effective tool for those pivotal moments in your life and a process to learn more about yourself and others. There are many moments in life when we have to choose one path or another and counseling can help you find peace as you choose your next step.


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